Morning Prayer


Morning Prayer
By David De Jong

I pray that my prayers, convey Your will
That Your Faithfulness holds me, fast and still
Even when I falter and veer off Your way
May Your Grace resurrect me, this I pray

I pray that I may be, a man of Your heart
A humble servant, fulfilling his part
Should I haphazardly step, walk astray
May Your Mercy recount me, this I pray

I pray that my chorus, be wise and true
That it shares the Hope, found only in You
When terms find no gist in quiet of day
May Your Word inspire me, this I pray

I pray that my heart, conveys all Your Love
Like our Savior proved from heaven above
Should I falter and allow hate to sway
May Your Compassion stir me, this I pray

I pray that my world, experience peace
The wolves be exposed of their masking fleece
When the battle becomes the only way
May Your Truth be my courage, this I pray

I pray that I live, with a grateful heart
Perceive creation as Your work of art
Should I miss Your presence along the way
May Your Splendor awake me, this I pray

I pray planted seeds, that are sown with love
Are grown with blessing from Your hands above
When storms take hold, my tender roots show fray
May Your Anchor secure me, this I pray

I pray this; a father, husband and man
To stay the course and to follow your plan
To nurture Your Love, to show Grace Your way
In Faith I ask, in Jesus’ name, I pray

Ransomed Shadows

Shadowed Tulip

Ransomed Shadows
By David De Jong

A dark shadow hovers our past
Struggles, mistakes, and sorted deeds
It renders joy for its clouded mast
Drooling self-disgust as it feeds

Brokenness its praise and duty filled
A hopeless heart its pure delight
Driving fear for condemnation billed
Voiding simple pleasure just for spite

Sleepless nights following anxious days
Shallow dreams of withdrawn memories
Thoughts vein of reason, mental strays
Shadows of the devil, his decrees

Ah but for Grace that holds me fast
And cleanses my soul of bitter weeds
Surrender its joy, pure Peace to last
Sorrow replaced by hopeful seeds

Life’s true purpose, beauty refilled
All from reflections of His Light
Radianced praise just as He willed
Evil paralyzed by His Might

Joy fashioned from Mercy of His Ways
Guilt erased, uncounted centuries
Shadows stricken by Celestial rays
A Savior’s Grace for eternity

Open Tulip

Armor for the Day


Cracked Concrete

Armor for the Day
By David De Jong

Parsing lives stranded in time
Wasting moments to save a dime
Forsaking courage for mere vanity
Selfless shame replacing dignity

Broken dreams and happenstance
One world mourns as the other’s dance
Not for misery or relished pain
But cleansing relief, blessing’s rain

Opinions slanted as factual news
Lies presented as victim’s trues
Twisted words match captioned memes
Hate mongers all is what it seems

What to believe, who to trust
Where to run, where to bust
When does woe give in to hope
Where does a spirit learn to cope

On a tattered brow and whip stripped back
A Redeemer born in a farmer’s shack
His Father, who planted the very tree
Whose wood was drawn for you and me

He knows the day and works His plan
Seeding an outcome none can span
His ways presented as mystery
Yet work for good toward eternity

I’ve seen the redeemed of broken souls
I’ve measured the dark of deepest holes
I’ve treasured the moments of simplest times
I’ve heard a symphony from storm strewn chimes

Realized Peace with pockets empty, holey shoes
Experienced Grace while covered in unholy dues
Found Joy amid sorrow of lonely seas
Swept off my feet, to land on my knees

I trust The One who knows and loves me
Even though I hung Him on a tree
I believe in His purpose, function of time
Even when it doesn’t curtail to mine

My Rescuer, My Savior, My Lord
My Shield, My Armor, Unbreakable Sword
My Hope, Assurance, Soul’s Reward
My All in All, My Redeemer, My Lord

Creamy Asparagus Chicken Soup

In the Spring, while asparagus is in season and usually on sale at the local markets, we eat as much as we can using various cooking methods and recipes. A great way to keep your asparagus fresh longer is to: Cut about 1.5” off the bottom of the stalks (still bundled) and stand them in a coffee mug with about ¼ – ½ Cup of water and place it in the fridge.

Asparagus Soup Bunches

This soup is hearty, yet light and refreshing – Great for a rainy spring day!

Creamy Asparagus Chicken Soup


Asparagus Soup Veg Prep

Asparagus                      2 Bunches Fresh – Cut to one-inch pieces
Chicken                          1 Lb. Skinless Breast
Onion                             1 Medium – Diced
Celery                             3 – 4 Stalks – Diced
Carrots                           3 – 4 – Diced
Garlic                              3 – 4 Cloves – Minced
Milk (Whole)                 5 Cups
Cream                             1 Cup
Chicken Stock               6 Cups
All Purpose Flour         ½ Cup
Oil (Olive, Coconut,)     3 Tablespoons

Season Chicken Breast with Salt and Pepper and Brown in Oil until meat is fully cooked using a large Dutch Oven or Pot. Remove Cooked Chicken from pan, set it aside to rest, dice and add later.

Using same pot and oil, Sauté: Onion, Celery, Carrots and Asparagus until Onions are opaque. Season well with Salt and Pepper and add Garlic. Add Flour and mix thoroughly. Stir in Milk, Cream, Chicken Stock and Diced Chicken. Heat low and slow stirring gently and often until low simmer.


Asparagus Soup


True Friends

Twin Falls Bridge

True Friends
By David De Jong

True friends are like a bridge, that ferry you across to shore;
While your world crumbles beneath, and strength can tread no more.
Good ones make impressions, leaving you never the same.
Some become a memory, before you learn their name.

True friends know your past, your secrets, demons and scars;
Holding them captive they see you, for who you really are.
They carry no contempt, for your ugly words and deeds;
Forgiving and lending hand, to clear your patch of weeds.

True friends can be immediate, or take a life to meld;
Searing a common bond, into an unbreakable weld.
Walking along through the fires, and floods of normal life;
Shielding your heart from the flames and navigating strife.

True friends give wisdom, when your mind just draws a blank;
Slap you back to reality, reminding who to thank.
Bold enough to call you, a disrupted psychopath;
Willing to risk embarrassment, to cool the burns of wrath.

True friends come in an instant, to help in times of need;
Enduring long after others, until the burden’s freed.
Coming unannounced, from a whispered intuition;
Conveying quiet hope, with silent contribution.

True friends will cost you dearly, in sacrifice and pain;
A toll that tallies equal and never pays in vain.
Blessings that stand alone, in a crowd filled false façade;
A gift from heaven above, wrapped by the hands of God.



buffalo - yellowstone

Bull Bison stirring in the dirt – Yellowstone National Park

By David De Jong

An old dirt road, or dusty trail
Fresh grain smell, in a dented pail
First raindrop felt, on a summer day
Crop of alfalfa, cut for hay
Creak of wire, stretched on a post
Small things that stir, my heart the most

Great horned owl, calling its mate
Rustles in the dark, testing fate
Doe and fawn, on a midday walk
Graceful soar, of a red tail hawk
Roaring surf, on a rocky coast
Small things that stir, my heart the most

Sounds of laughter, little hands and feet
Tastes of sour, balanced with sweet
Steam wafting up, from fresh baked bread
Contented smiles, of souls well fed
Chimes from a glass, raised for a toast
Small things that stir, my heart the most

Touch of love walking, hand in hand
Sharing the beauty, of this land
Trials and triumphs, that we’ve crossed
Memories of, the ones we lost
Quiet night lit, by starry hosts
Small things that stir, my heart the most

Bow to a string, that draws a tear
March to a beat, ignoring fear
That cherished song, heard just in time
Telling a story, mixed with rhyme
Feeling strength, from the Holy Ghost
Small things that stir, my heart the most

Sounds of leather, with gentle sigh
A sea of grass, near shoulder high
Clop of a hoof, a subtle bray
Moment of silence, while we pray
Knelt at the foot, that old cross post
Small things that stir, my heart the most

Winter Blues

moose resting grand tetons

Bull Moose Resting in Grand Teton National Park

Winter Blues

By David De Jong

Winter’s just started and I’m feelin’ her blues;
Snow’s getting’ deeper, than my four-buckle shoes.
I found Frosty in the freezer, just to warm up;
With a crack in his nose and ice in his cup.

I was fit as a fiddle, when Summer met Fall;
But now my belly’s fillin’ and startin’ to ball.
My bones start barkin’ like a dog at the moon;
When the mercury rises, to zero at noon.

Each mornin’ greets me, with a fresh batch of snow;
And it’ been a few weeks, since we saw the sun’s glow.
I guess I should be happy, for something to do;
To burn off some cushion, in that fat belly stew.

Best quit my grumpin’, though the mood fits me best;
And pull up my boots and slip on my vest.
The Good Lord’s a fixin’ and plannin’ to bring;
A grand new outlook, when He gives us the Spring.

Till then I’ll ponder, on our Creator’s best;
While I fix my eyes, to the East and the West.
Where the mountains and peaks, give a glorious view;
When the sun lights them up, in their heavenly hue.

I best be thankful for what I have and not lost;
Quit snivelin’ about things, and the price they cost,
Be mindful the love that surrounds me each day;
And give thanks to the Lord as I kneel to pray.

Written for Poetic Blooming’s “In the Mood”