Hello world!

Howdy and Welcome!

This is my first ride on this trail. Struggling a bit getting all this to work/display
exactly how I wish. Bear with me. Hope to post some of my poetry (ramblin’s) as time goes by.

What’s in a name?

Rusty – Bit rusty in all of this and – one of our favorite family dogs, Golden Retriever. Had to put him down last December (2011). Someday hope to post some photos and writings pertaining to him.

Midnight – seems to be the popular time the brain likes to start wandering and refuses to shut off until it’s been recorded on paper (or hard drive). Learned if it’s not recorded it’s lost.

Ramblin’s – Spelling questionable – yes I know – Think of yourself riding the trail all day. Whether that be in the saddle, a pickup, or cushie Cadillac. Come end of the day there are stories to tell – “ramblings” or “ramblin’s” with a bit of a saddle accent.

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