Grandpa’s Ridin’

Have a Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving!

Grandpa’s Ridin’
by David De Jong

Hold your horses, lace up yer boots!
Crazy Grandpa is on the loose!
He’s ridin’ hard and ridin’ fast,
He’ll ride long after daylight’s past.

Up all night, checkin’ the list,
If it’s left behind, sure be missed,
Toys for the boy, and books fer learnin’.
Gotta get movin’, daylight’s burnin’.

Lovely ladies, await his arrival,
Nothin’ can stop him, they’re his survival,
Daughters of beauty, maidens of joy,
The envy, of every father, son, and boy.

Hardly wait to see, and hold em tight,
Just to look upon em, oh what a sight.
Hearts of gold, wisdom, and love,
Pure treasures, tall blessings, from above.

Keep the light on and the coffee ready,
Should reach by nightfall, keepin’ it steady.
Clean yer rifles, polish yer guns,
Bring plenty of ammo, for all the sons.

Turkey aplenty, deer on the hoof,
If we run out of room, we’ll raise the roof.
Everything made with lovin’ care,
It’ll be a feedin’, none to compare.

Time will pass quick, but it’s worth the ride,
Got a good saddle and the paint likes the stride.
He’s just as eager and ready to go,
Comin’ back home we’ll take it real slow.

Saddle yer horses, hold back the snow!
Grandpa’s ridin’, he’s comin’ don’t ya know!



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