By David De Jong
November 23, 2012

Deep Beauty in our daughters, with a joy in their smile
Makes every single moment, full-worth each waking while
To know their hearts and with them walk each destined mile
Proves three exquisite souls and exudes their timeless style

Deep Love bequest I know it best as she stays by my side
I gladly show and cherish her glow to savor in full pride
This brief voyage we exist, foraging on, taking life in stride
So thankful for a life complete, with her my enchanting bride

Deep Peace in knowing of a love so pure and confounding
My heart reels in attempts to grasp its true fullness bounding
When the trumpets blast, and make their final call sounding
I’ll rest my faith in my Savior’s grace, my sins un-founding

Deep Thoughts a simple man I share and hold as hallow
Some more schooled than I may find cliché, even shallow
I’ll live this day with no regret as He I choose to follow
For love we fail to flourish this day, may be gone tomorrow

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