Pearl Harbor Day

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Flag flying over USS Arizona Memorial

Flag flying over USS Arizona Memorial

In honor of our veterans and commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day (Dec.7) I am posting the following poem originally written for Veterans Day (Nov. 11).

Thank You One and Thank You All
By David De Jong

Time has no start, days have no end,
The world over the brave we send.
Some stay near, some travel far,
Loved ones gazing the same moon and star.
One world together, one world apart,
One day’s end, another day’s start.

The march is long, strides unceasing,
Rifles ready, shoulders creasing.
Through the torch of desert, past winters’ creation,
Each serves brave with no hesitation.
No matter where, or what the climate brings,
Freedom’s kept – at home, our anthem still rings.

Lives are taken, freely given,
Angels welcoming home to heaven.
Love left standing carrying the load,
Long and narrow, the somber road.
We must never forget that ultimate toll,
Lord have mercy upon their soul.

Thank you Lord for all our brave,
Without them, nothing’s left to save.
Freedom so easily taken for granted,
Its cost is lead, for liberty planted.

Lord bring them home safe and sound,
Protect their families, keep them found.
Hold their young, carry them through,
Grant them peace, as only given by You.

Give us thankful hearts, and voices rejoicing,
Our freedom lives by their oath’s voicing.
Only their sacrifice, but all our gain,
Equip us Lord to help suffer the pain.

Give them rest and peace eternal,
They gave all and to all fraternal.
Thank you one, and thank you all,
Can never surmise, a debt – so tall.

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