In the Company of Sorrow

By David De Jong
December 8, 2012

I found him lying helpless, shivering in the snow,
His golden coat loosing its warm tempered glow.

With each breath he struggled for life from the air,
To see him, made my heart grieve, it just wasn’t fair.

He was just a dog, but an old faithful friend,
My spirit plunged, knowing this was his end.

Gently I gathered him, alone, far from his warm bed,
Wrapped him in a blanket and then placed him on a sled.

Up to the house we went and I carried him inside,
Not knowing what else to do, I just waited at his side.

Each gasp showed strain as his eyes began to fade,
No strength to move, tucked in a blanket, he just laid.

The vet was busy, attending a distant farmer’s herd,
It’d be all day before he finished, is what we heard.

So we started to wait and watch, giving him comfort, best we knew,
Blood and pain in each breath; I couldn’t make him suffer through.

I left him in the house and went to dig a grave in frozen ground,
Wondering where, I remembered some hay on the hill, left in a mound.

Still on the sled I took him for a final walk over the snow.
The look in his eyes, he knew it was his time, asking to go.

We said our goodbyes as I wrapped him and carried him to his spot.
Winter’s silence was broken, as my rifle released each aching shot.

As the two pieces of lead pierced my old friend’s heart,
Absolute agony simply tore me completely apart.

With no disrespect, I often ponder that time and the sorrow of the loss,
Wondering how God felt, watching His Son suffer and die on the cross.

How He too watched in agony, knowing exactly what He must do,
Observing, sensing the pain as each nail His hands and feet pierced through.

I dare not compare my grief to that of God’s watching His Son die,
But it gives me a small taste of the sacrifice, His sorrow, if I try.

All in all, it demonstrates just how gracious and loving God can be,
That He would actually do something like that, for a sinner like me.

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