Paradise Every Day

This piece came about from participation in Writer’s Digest’s Poem a Day (PAD) challenge and thoughts after gathering with the family on Thanksgiving Day. PAD prompt for the day was paradise.

Paradise Every Day

By David De Jong
November 22, 2012

Paradise – is the awakening sun chasing the lost bits
Of shadows of the moon like ghosts of foggy mist
Meandering rivers and valleys their private path of play
Slowly each finds his place to sleep aloft, until end of day;
I saw paradise – in the day.

Paradise – is the cottonwoods draped in crystal allure
Winter’s kiss, clasping each out-stretched branch, clear and pure
Crackling songs as they sway; are they glass, or are they trees?
Diamonds filtered, fumbling in the cold, crisp, krypton breeze;
I saw paradise – in the trees.

Paradise – is the laughter in a voice, unmistakably belonging
Young, innocent and bright; positively not wanting anything
As he chases with paralyzed legs strapped in a tiny wheelchair
His smiles and delight, make our complaints wither in compare;
I saw paradise – in the chair.

Paradise – is the thought, the knowing, traveling that so familiar road
Home lights illuminating, your love waiting, even in a humble abode
Regardless the fires, precarious dragons treading, requiring your slay
Coming home to enduring love, is life’s perfect infusion – to any day;
I see paradise – everyday.

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