This is something I wrote almost 20 years ago. Family members might recognize it. It comes to mind every Christmas season and I thought I had lost it (old computer somewhere). When going through some old disks recently (remember those?) I found it and uploaded it to the rest of my Ramblin’s. Often this time of year we lose track of what is important – What are we celebrating? Who are we celebrating?


By David De Jong

Tis the time before Christmas and in everyone’s house
Everyone’s scrambling to get ready; who let in that mouse?

The tree needs to be purchased; the lights need to be strung
Please don’t make me listen, to another rendition, of Jingle Bells sung.

There’s more shopping to do, more presents to get
Someone’s been forgotten, we just haven’t noticed it yet.

The guests have been invited, the party is all planned
With all these people coming, we won’t have room to stand.

Get out of my way, no time to visit, there’s no time to spare
I almost forgot, there’s more gifts to wrap, hidden under the stair.

I’m exhausted beyond tired, get some coffee, I need my caffeine!
If you don’t get it quick, I’ll be even more nasty and mean!

The house needs to be cleaned, floors need to be mopped
Isn’t this driving you crazy, it needs to be stopped!

What are we doing; isn’t this what we should do?
Just exactly what is Christmas to me, how about you?

Christmas has become hustle and bustle, it’s turning me sour
Everyone’s lost touch and forgotten that most sacred hour.

Remember the manger, the baby, the bright glistening star
The angels, their singing, their announcement spread from afar.

Great news, tidings and joy we bring
Come bow down and worship the King,

Christ Jesus your Savior is born to you this day
Find Him wrapped in cloths, sleeping on the hay.

He came to this world sacrificing Himself for you and me
Provided the way to heaven, took our sin and nailed it to a tree.

How many Christmas Days have already passed?
When remembrance of Christ didn’t exist or was last?

Please forgive us Lord, we’ve lost sight and gone astray
Thank You for the gift of Jesus that first Christmas Day.

What a wonderful Christmas it’s going to be
Celebrate the birth of Jesus, with my family, and me.

Never forget the real, and first Christmas Light
Merry Christmas to all, and to all good night!

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