The Best Christmas Gift

This piece was written and given as a gift, last Christmas, to my beautiful wife, Shirley.

The Best Christmas Gift

By David De Jong

The Best Christmas Gift, To Smell:

   Grandma’s roast; cooking slowly – on the burner all day long
   Grandpa’s pipe; sweet and musty and how the two just belong
   Mom’s fresh cinnamon rolls; baked, frosted, and laid out with care
   Dad’s breath of clear outdoors carried in from the winter air
   Sister’s best dress; stored in the cedar chest, saved for today
   Brother’s chores coat; old and worn, with strands of fresh opened hay
   Crisp air; frozen to the pines, in a winter’s foggy mist
   New opened perfume; sprayed in the air, and touched to your wrist

The Best Christmas Gift, To See:

   Fresh snow; softly falling through the night, covering the earth, making it pure
   Three daughters; gathered round the tree, which gift is whose, they aren’t sure
   Mom; still in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and tasting the feast for the day
   Dad; relaxing in his chair, some time off, no need to be at work today
   Grandpa; holding Grandma’s hand, walking up the step, making sure she doesn’t slip
   Brothers; in the loft jumping in the hay, with a shout, and jubilant flip
   The kids; all tucked in, new cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks on their feet
   You; next to me, wishing the day wouldn’t end, even though we’re tired and beat

The Best Christmas Gift, To Hear:

   “Merry Christmas’; whispered in my ear, cherishing silence, before the kids awake
   All the children; singing, saying their part for the Christmas play, the joy they make
   The doorbell never rings, the door just opens, and more family enters, with shouts of joy
   Silent anticipation; broken by paper tearing, hoping for that special toy
   The tea kettle; announcing its ready, hot chocolate soon, with marshmallows and cream
   Heads bowed reverently, round the table gathered, prayers lifted up, following the steam
   Christmas carols sung, Christmas music played, non stop, all the day long
   The words “I Love You” whispered, and spoken aloud, making hearts strong

The Best Christmas Gift, To Know:

   Christ our Savior; the babe, born and in a manger laid
   Lived to die, a sacrifice, all our sins’ ransom paid
   Home never leaves or forsakes you, if you hold it in your heart
   You can always go home, you’re always welcome, you fit the part
   If the day seemed wrong, and your heart has grown tired of its regretful state
   Remember, its all in God’s hands, tomorrow’s His gift of a clean slate
   When I wake, in the morning, middle of the night, or any moment of rest;
   I will find you there, next to me, this gift, a blessing, by far – the very best.

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