Valentine for My Daughters

Angels in Aprons

Angels in Aprons

Valentine for My Daughters

By David De Jong

No matter the weather, no matter the day,
They will always greet you, in their special way.

With springs in their feet and joy in their soul,
Just a single glance and your heart’s been stole.

A grin across each face, dimple chinned smile,
Soon make you forget, that last tiresome mile.

Toll of life; its stress, making the day long,
Nothing stands to her smile, it never goes wrong.

She’ll make your heart sing and give your day second chance,
Love in her embrace, she won’t let go, till you dance.

A spin through the room, you’ve forgot all the day,
Nothing else matters, for this, this is its pay.

Each is different, yet all are the same,
What stands them apart is merely a name.

Their gifts are a blessing; precious, beyond earthly cost,
Without them, my soul, for certain would have been lost.

Never a day, an hour or a minute may pass,
God’s little gifts, now all grown, nothing can surpass.

Not merely one, but daughters all three,
Long after I’m gone, my prayer shall be;

Full of Life, Beauty, Hope and Charm,
Lord; Bless them, Protect them, Keep them from harm.

No prince could be worthy, nor any Saint be sound,
To meet my approval, till I be put in the ground.

More than a daughter, More than a friend,
Each one of three, I’ll Love, Love to no end.

All my love, All I send,
Forever and Ever,
Thank You Lord,
Thank You, Amen.

2 thoughts on “Valentine for My Daughters

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful daughters. I think what a gift it is to them to have a father who is a writer. I wonder what that would be like and all the treasured moments and thoughts captured forever in photos and words. This makes me glad I am a writer for my family.

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