Last week was a Valentine written for our three beautiful daughters.This week is a Valentine written for my beautiful wife.


By David De Jong

How I envy your time and particular place,

     Caressing my love’s neck and silken face.

          Your arms gently flowing, yet nestled tight,

               All her allure and constant splendor in your sight.

                    She carries you slipped neatly beneath long golden hair,

               Turning other’s haphazard glances powerless, fixed into stare.

          Each breath whispers, of her enchanting perfume.

     Everyone’s jealous of your place in the room.

Emerald in her eyes, embellishes your trim,

     Soft, sleek, fully complete, yet supremely slim.

          Glistening beads, adorning your weaves,

               Match singing charms, beneath her sleeves.

                    Your tinsel strings shine, but fail to compare,

               With gold and silver hues, iridescent in her hair.

          Shield her from relentless rays of the sun.

     Brighten her smile, with splashing colors of fun.

Keep her warm as the cold winds blow.

     Compliment her beauty, make her glow.

          Take care of my love, ever so sweet,

               Or I shall cast you down at my feet.

4 thoughts on “Scarf

  1. I absolutely love it that you wrote this exquisite poem from a simple writing prompt off the top of my head in 2 seconds. I do not say that to take credit in any way – just the opposite – to congratulate you on your skill as a poet. Kudos to you David. It is a beautiful piece. Judy

    • Thank you Judy! Thanks to you (and our group) for your support and encouragement.
      FYI to others – this poem is the result of a quick prompt game we played at a writer’s group meeting. Everyone wrote one word on a scrap of paper and someone randomly drew one from the pile. We had 5 minutes to come up with a poem from that word. When I heard the word “scarf” it immediately took me to a scarf worn by my wife.

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