Strawberry Chocolate Kittens

By David De Jong

We walked the trail
Carrying a pail
Of strawberry chocolate kittens

We found a stork
Holding a fork
Eating waffles and mittens

We talked to a giraffe
Building a raft
To sail across the creek

His spots would surple
Then turn purple
Whenever he would speak

He gave us a ride
With just one stride
Chasing polka-dot lamas

Then to our surprise
What came to our eyes
But pigs in green pajamas

It helped them to hide
From the squirrely snide
Who lived in trees of trumpets

So we hurried back home
To our snow-globe dome
And had some tea and crumpets

Grandma couldn’t believe
Our story we retrieved
Calling it just a fancy tale

Being old yet very keen
She’d never heard nor ever seen
A thingamajig called a pail

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