Hope’s Morning

By David De Jong

Morning’s mist tethers old sequoia’s reach
Fondling sand swept surf’s cleansing breach

Albatross sweep currents in upward draft
Miniature paddlers fading, quill edge craft

Lovers embrace, caressing toes in sand
Poetic, mesmeric motion, hand in hand

Distant ships fade passing horizon’s end
Ocean amass weeps a forgotten friend

Unbridled, free as wind and spirits guide
Hope’s pure steed approaches, gallant in stride

Her mane flowing, capturing morning’s tide
She floats upon the mist, like veil`ed bride

Answering midnight prayers of sleepless nights
Lover of Truth, Grace, and Mercy’s delights


This piece is the product of a Poetic Bloomings’ prompt: – write a poem using a line from another poem from Poetic Bloomings site.

“She floats upon the mist, like veil`ed bride” is a line borrowed from: Jacqueline Casey’s – “Sunset” – Poetic Blooms – Imagism Form – Feb 20, 2013. Please see Jacqueline’s poem “Sunset” here.

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