Fast Easy Fresh

By David De Jong

She rode in on a palomino mare
Castanet shells, festival fare
Hand tooled saddle from Santé Fe
Where she was she could not stay
Trackin’ loot San Clemente Trust
Trail behind still sheddin’ their dust

Colt burned leather pulled from its sling
She pulled the trigger made it sing
Three sombreros lie on the ground
Their hogs holstered, not even found
She out gunned em put em to rest
Three holes planted center each chest

A bounty for death made lightin’ fast
Not the first, prayin’ not the last
She rode in refined and breezy
Served her justice quick and easy
Unencumbered, lead’s hot thresh
She’d ride, soon-as her pal’ was fresh

Prompt from magazine article title:
“Fast Easy Fresh” from September 2011 Bonappetit Magazine

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