Cross on a Hill

I am amazed and greatly honored that this piece was chosen as one of three “Beautiful Blooms” for the week at Poetic Bloomings ! There are many wonderful poets and verses found at their (Walt and Marie’s) sight and I feel very blessed to be a part of it.

CrossCross on a Hill

By David De Jong

A lone cross shadows the valley below,
Its arms outstretched, facing the storms that blow.
Fashioned a dark, drizzled, early Spring day,
Rough beams of wood, with everything to say.
With hammer and chisel, cold tools of steel,
Each driving blow made me wince with the feel.

Tears flowed freely, leaving stains in the grain,
Hammering the nails causing all His pain.
All alone as one abandoned by God,
Rendering this symbolic monopod.
Once finished, I planted it in the earth,
Taking all of my strength, all I was worth.

I placed it facing the storms and the winds,
This symbol of forgiveness from our sins.
My heart emptied, securing it in place,
All I could see, was the look on His face.
I begged relief, forgiveness of my past,
He brought me; grace, hope, true peace that will last.

I trod the fields to gather varied stone,
Each represents a burden of my own.
Placed with prayer at the foot of this cross,
My trials, my burdens, left in the dross.
Nothing can move them, placed there in His name.
He carries me, taking my guilt, my shame.

I drove His nails, I wove His crown of thorns.
I led the crowd with shouts and deathly scorns.
I lashed the whip across His ravaged back.
I took His life, but He didn’t ask it back.
Instead, He gives me life, life so complete,
A life, where my Savior washes my feet.

When I go to visit this humble place,
It still stirs my heart, His amazing grace.
I think of the grave, the stone rolled away,
How that stone really wasn’t in His way,
It was moved, so we could see deep inside.
Christ the Lord has Risen! In Him Abide!


The pictures are of the cross as it stands on a hill on our acreage.

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