Steamer Trunk

Steamer Trunk 003_1_50

Steamer Trunk

By David De Jong

There’s a steamer trunk resting on the living-room floor,
Bearer of stories, treasures, memories, dreams galore.

Hardwood trim, dusty green, a tired rusty hinge,
Loving family left behind, pain and agony with a cringe.

Traveling on Queen Elizabeth, a luxury liner across salty seas,
It carried precious cargo, simple yet elegant, like hand-sifted teas.

Greeted in New York harbor, mid-century skyline view,
Welcomed personally, through Ellis, by Sweet Madam Blue.

Boarded a train and road the rails, for where, it did not know,
Unloaded in a small Midwestern town, buried in March snow.

Father, Mother, venturing, with two small boys,
A few belongings; heirlooms, and home-made toys.

Ever so gently release the clasp, open the lid and peer inside,
You’ll hear it moan, musty tears, of memories that still abide.

What it left was a country, ravaged by war, few left to stand,
What it carried were hopes, and dreams, brought to a new land.

The real American Dream, a better life, a chance, a bet,
Long hours working, life fulfilling, freedom, dripping in sweat.

Honesty, integrity, virtues of gold,
Faith – Hope – Trust – in a God of old.

Ages long gone since that voyage on the open sea,
Love blossomed, blessings, ever increasing family;

Children and great-grandchildren all share the name,
Shore to shore, age to age – God – still the same.

Below is a photocopy of a postcard, from the Queen Elizabeth, kept by my parents.

Queen Elizabeth Post Card_1

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