By David De Jong

Mom was our doctor, Mom was our nurse,
Mom kept spare nickels down in her purse.

Mom took the time, to bake us fresh bread,
Mom took the time, to hear what we said.

Mom wouldn’t spank us, unless too troublesome,
Mom would just say, “Wait till your Dad gets home”.

Mom made us polish our shoes, make them shine,
Sunday morning, those old shoes, looked just fine.

Mom saved money by darning our socks,
Resoled her shoes with a cereal box.

Mom made us tea, when we got off the bus,
Mom just loved us, like it wasn’t a fuss.

Mom wouldn’t eat, till everyone was done,
If someone went without, she’d be the one.

Every thing we ate, Mom made from scratch,
Wasn’t a piece of clothing, Mom couldn’t patch.

Mom made us; work, earn our keep, do our chores,
Mom made us clothes we couldn’t buy in the stores.

Mom taught us; to respect, always be kind,
Mom showed us, how true faith, was best refined.

Mom taught us; to love, to work, and to play,
Mom taught us – to be – what we are today.

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