Mom’s Final Voyage

By David De Jong
June 8, 2013

With immeasurable love for our mother,
Who loved all, and gave all, so very much.
Take reward in God’s abundant blessings,
From this moment, and forever more.
For as we humbly watched you leave this place
We saw His reflection upon your face

A tall ship marks the horizon afar,
Precious cargo in alabaster jar.

Masts of Cedar from Lebanon’s first choice,
Fashioned and hewn by our dear Savior’s voice.

Its sails; full, set, glistening white,
A shadow cast beneath spectrums bright.

As it travels constant, sure, and steady,
Its passenger waits a-shore, full ready.

Her crew of angels, mastering the helm,
Choruses ringing, heard throughout the realm.

Sunlight; appears dim, the moon; empty, dark,
Comparing radiance, this heaven’s ark.

For heaven she sails, all seven winds drawn,
Eternity, wisped on the wings of dawn.

Slowly the horizon, swallows it whole,
Angel’s voices rejoicing, replacing the dole,
God’s choir – welcoming home – this saintly soul.

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