A Father’s Day

By David De Jong

I had a thought, but it slipped my mind,
Chasing neurons for what I might find.
Reminisce the children years ago,
Watch them dance, giggle, run to-and-fro.

Bare feet on the hardwood; plat, plat, plat,
Squeezing the rolls of Chubby the cat.
Long silken hair, bright ribbons in curls,
A father blessed with three little girls.

Barbies, Barbies, and more Barbies still,
Little princesses atop their hill.
Dresses and ruffles, ribbons and shoes,
Best of three, impossible to choose.

Mud pies, rolly-pollies, flower soup,
Worms in their pockets, boys on the stoop.
All the love they bring and joy they fill,
Inspires this father, every day still.

For these fond memories now they replace,
With enduring beauty, poise, and grace.
Each time I see them my heart grows strong,
Every pulse it makes, their love belongs.

I thank the Lord in heaven above,
For these blessings of beauty and love.

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