Cowpoke Poet

By David De Jong

Just an old cowpoke, workin’ with wire
Prob’ly be dead, before he’ll retire
Workin’ the ranch, lovin’ his dear wife
Thankin’ the Lord, for his blessed life

Rhymin’ words he shares, simple yet true
A workin’ man’s heart, country side view
Hear the saddle creak, feel reigns in hand
Pull of the lasso, burnin’ hot brand

Hear an angel’s voice, then see her face
Watch her loving smile, light up the place
Timber and prairie, mountain and slough
Printed on the page, in front of you

Smell the fire, coffee, pine and smoke
Watch dancin’ embers, laugh at a joke
Cattle on the ridge, belly-high brome
This would be the spot, he would call home

Saddle up, ride the trail, see the place
See what comes of, God’s amazing grace

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