Our Rose

Planting Our Rose

Our Rose
By David De Jong

Roses are red, violets are blue
The rose I love, I planted with you
Blossoms of crimson, beauty to view
It speaks of our life, a love so true

Planted in song, encircled with love
While tears of angels, fell from above
Hearts whispered in rhythm of a dove
While planting this symbol of our love

It grows on the hill, beneath the cross
Another symbol, of love and loss
It bares its thorns, its disease, its dross
All covered in shadows of the cross

As blossoms grow and open to view
Reflecting our hope, our love anew
Taking nourishment from drops of dew
Focused on Grace from a Love so true

Seasons will change and the leaves will fall
Heeding their Creator’s dormant call
Tis seasons we face and faced by all
This time of stillness, we’ll still enthrall

As winter comes and buries in snow
This vine of life with no life to show
We too shall rest and humbly know
By the Grace of God there shall I go

Once winter done and new life be born
Far from our gloom its clutches be torn
Warmed by the sun, watered by the storm
New life, new growth, new blossoms will form

This, our rose, shows us enduring life
This bond we make as husband and wife
Its blossoms of beauty, thorns of strife
How they represent our walk in life

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