Cow Dog

By David De Jong

You think you’re a cow dog, but you’re barkin’ at a tree.
Instead of herdin’ cattle, you let em all roam free.
Ya need to earn you’re keep an’ fetch em on the hoof,
Instead you’re barking at a squirrel dancin’ on the roof.

Now I spend my misery roundin’ up cow-calf strays.
You’re pushin’ it to the point this be the last you’re days.
Dry bunk and plenty of grub, a scratch behind each ear,
Be a fair shake, for a cow-chasin’ critter career

I’ll take Ransom the horse, that old sod-bustin’ geldin’,
Plow through the thicket, blazin trails like we is weldin’.
You’ll just sit and watch that heifer break for the gate,
Already knowin’, you run so slow you’d get there late.

One final warnin’ before I send you to the vet.
He’ll find some city folk, to make you a household pet.
You’ll just lay on the floor, growin’ dust and sheddin’ time,
Wishin’ you had listened an’ turned them cows on a dime.

3 thoughts on “Cow Dog

    • Thanks Hannah – Well yes and no – They just want to be dog dogs – not too particular for what they chase and then they chased cows when they were not supposed to. Was really funny when the cows chased one of them, it was payback. Chased him in a big circle till he ended up at my feet begging for me to let him in the pickup. My gut hurt I laughed so hard.

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