Old Thanksgivings

Fall Leaves

By David De Jong

Thankful memories of thankful prayers
Gathered round on kitchen chairs
Pheasant, rabbit, a chicken or two
Store bought turkey – just wouldn’t do

Four boys, sis, and dad walked the fields
On the hunt, Thanksgiving’s morn yield
Frosty ground, corn-field’s ambience
Hearts against nature, renaissance

Old Duke, Remington, begged to sing
Harvest taken on foot and wing
Mom cooked it all with loving care
Our traditional, Thanksgiving Day fare

We gave thanks for family, we gave thanks for friends
We gave thanks for bits of change, mom let us spend
Old handed down clothes, she always had to mend
Her knitted socks and mittens, shielded winter winds
Nothing went to waste, or it was blatant sin

We laughed, we played, our hearts just danced
So rich with joy, no happenstance
Love our bounty, our souls – romanced

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