Holy Cow

Cow Calf

Holy Cow

By David De Jong

Thou doest flee and escape my care
Whilst I toiled afield, most unaware
Thy actions prevail and dare persist
Stir mine anger whilst I shake my fist

Wither thou goest I clearly see
Yonder the garden trampled by thee
Trodden and eaten with ease in haste
My labors of tending now but waste

Though thy dwelling be ample and bright
Discourse of thine quarters bares forth right
All thou doest consume I pray lament
Whilst I shovel all thine excrement

If not that I loved thee in my life
I’d leave thee to struggle in thy strife
I shall not rest till thy course return
With logs of mesquite ready to burn

The taste of thine flesh upon my tongue
Potatoes with gravy songs be sung
When I shall find thee I shall partake
Thy succulent roasts, and corn fed steak

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