By David De Jong

If life came easy, would we believe?
Trials never to come, burdens to be undone,
Each day nary a worry, nor fret, or concern,
What of life, would there be to learn?

Heaven on earth, no need for glory,
Scripture read, just another story,
What of Daniel, Moses, and David?
No hungered lions, timid leader, boy with a sling.

Prayer kept the hungry lions, from devouring Daniel.
Faith of a desperate mother floated baby Moses, safely alone.
Belief in the Almighty’s strength, slew Goliath, with a stone.
Prayer, Faith and Belief in a God, they could not see,
Spared their lives, their stories told, through all eternity.

If we depend not on God, then what are we?
We scorn, we scoff, we become our own, deity.
Yet to save ourselves, is beyond all our ability,
With nary a word, only God, controls our destiny.

Give your life to Him,
Hold fast, don’t give in,
His mercy will not let you go,
Let His love, His grace, carry you through.

A new day will dawn, shearing the darkness,
Patiently held in the hollow of His hand,
With prayer, faith and belief, take your stand.
Nothing will cause Him to lose his grip;
Not lashings, not trials, nor even nails, in the same hand.

Christ our Savior born to save,
Paid the price, concurred the grave,
Accept His gift of life for free,
Swiftly comes the day of eternity,
Where yours is spent; you will see.

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