Can You See

Blade of Grass

Can You See

By David De Jong

Can you see what I came to see
This blade of grass in front of me
Serrated edge, refined, pristine
Sharpened tip, deep emerald green
How it bends beneath sultry breeze
With honor bows before the trees

The fragment of sand at its base
With a dimpled crease for a face
Tireless ants a mighty team
Honing their harvest highway stream
Flowing throughout their forest glade
Where a blade of grass gives them shade

Spread farther than the eye can see
Waltzing weightless along the sea
Its salty mist and smell of sand
A jagged seam, stitch sea and land
Thunderous waves roll with applause
Crustaceans race to raise their claws

Now pause and glance a massive sky
Who is giving you watchful eye
A mere speck probing this small beach
Horizons curved beyond our reach
Our human form upon its base
A fleck of sand, compared in space

This could be true, this could be found
The sight, the scene, the smell, the sound
Bare words from a poet’s heart shined
Brought you to this emerald find
The grist of grey, the scent of sage
Lie here, before you, on this page

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