William Peter Dykema

One of my favorite pictures of Bill & Helen (Mom & Dad) taken in Monterey, CA

One of my favorite pictures of Bill & Helen (Mom & Dad) taken in Monterey, CA

William Peter Dykema

By David De Jong

William was a worker, he learned that on the farm
Early morning riser with a built in alarm
Intelligent in all matters of life
Especially in choosing his dear wife
Loved dearly by all he came to know
Children and grandchildren so proud to show
Loving with a kind and gentle heart
Being grandpa was his favorite part
Impressing someone was never his game
He’d treat everyone he met just the same
Anchored in his faith, his love for the Lord
Spending many hours reading His word
Man of honor, character, and truth
Even aging, held on to his youth

Patriotic says it in a mild way
His love and pride for the U-S-of-A
Evangelical giving out Bibles
While barbering, sharing the gospel
Trustworthy in the most minute detail
His honest integrity always prevailed
Entrepreneur in the American way
Cutting hair on Main Street every day
Republican, conservative to the bone
Even when it meant, standing alone

Devoted to God and family
Defender of justice and liberty
Young at heart, even at ninety-four
Dancing in the chair, shuffling the floor
Kindred spirit with Helen his wife
Loving her with every breath of life
Engaged with God every chance he got
Not only inside the church parking lot
Mainly a Man that gave life everything he had
With Christ his example as husband, grandpa, and dad
A man we shall forever love
A man we shall never forget

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