In the Garden

Winter Bench

In the Garden

By David De Jong

In the garden where time began,
Creation’s glory, a sinless man.
It was not good he was alone,
God gave Eve from a single bone.
They walked and talked with God first-hand,
Naming creatures in Eden’s land.
It wasn’t long before man’s fall,
Taking heed the deceiver’s call.

In the garden where time stood still,
Prayers in anguish searching God’s will.
A perfect Lamb for sacrifice,
None till this time could pay the price.
Promised in Eden long ago,
One to bring death its final blow.
He knew His fate, He knew His time,
Giving His life for all mankind.

In the garden with time reborn,
The Master Gardener’s glory shown.
See the tomb, the stone rolled away,
Sin lost its battle on that day.
Death no longer would have its claim,
Life on earth wouldn’t be the same.
We remember, the words He said,
As we taste the wine, break the bread.

In this garden a simple man,
Struggles through life to understand;
How one could love another so,
Sacrifice His life even though;
I fail His Word, His Trust, His Way,
My selfish path once more astray.
So, on my knees I’ll tend the weeds,
Praying for fruit from tiny seeds.

In this garden where all is grown
May Christ abide, His Love be shown

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