Sheriff Renkins


Sheriff Renkins

By David De Jong

Been a few tales about these parts, still bein’ spread
Mustang horse an’ saddle, long Hawkins lead
Old time sheriff, star on his buckskin shirt
Ya’ll draw on him and ya’ll be eatin’ dirt

Renkins and Chennoah still on the trail
Ridin’ so law an’ justice always prevailed
He’s tracked killers an’ gamblers, thieves, and scum
Brought em back to trial, where most were hung

He was honest, stern, and a darn good aim
Could just as easy kill ya, as make ya lame
Be best to stay clear his sights, wary his lead
If he comes a-callin’, yer good as dead

Mind yer manners, give listen to yer ma
Best keep yer boots on the right side the law
Be mindful, whate’er deed it is you do
Last thing ya want, is Renkins trailin’ you

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