True Blue



” Moonstruck Blue” Photo and art credit: Marcia Baldwin.

Please visit her website at to view her amazing paintings.

Marcia blogs at


True Blue

By David De Jong

Long before the rail and the smoke of trains,

Gained in trade from his brother on the plains.

The chief’s appaloosa, his prized True Blue,

Quiet afoot with speed to follow through.

They chased the buffalo, white tail, and griz,

Fished the creeks and rivers and called them his.

True Blue was faster than any he knew,

His striped feet glancing the earth, as they flew.

His mane was braided, with shells and feathers,

From eagle’s wings and albino tethers.

The sky shimmered off his coat, aqua blue,

With shadows and spots in magical hue.

When the chief called his name he’d run beside,

And nuzzle his shoulder begging to ride.

They road the ridges the crests and canyons,

Danced on the beaches of seas and oceans.

They hunted; winter, spring, summer, and fall,

Found the start and the ending to them all.

Fastened each color to arrow by hue,

Placed them in a quiver to keep them true.

Each day the sun rises and comes to view,

He pulls back the bow and releases blue.

5 thoughts on “True Blue

  1. dI like this more each time I read it, David. The art epitomizes the words, as well. Western mountain living brings thoughts of other times to the mind with the ease of breathing. Taking in mountain air draw with it the spirit of the past and a longing for revisiting it. Thank you so much for heeding that call to times gone.

  2. This just becomes more wonderful every time I read it David, and marrying it to the art was inspired…I used to live in Calgary and could see the mountains every day from there. It took a long time to get used to Edmonton and valuing its marvellous river valley (the largest uninterrupted and usable green-space in North America) after moving here, and not being able to see the mountains all the time. And horses, there are many ranches in Alberta, not too far from even big cities so I get to see horses fairly often which is great as I love them, truly. Thanks for this David.

    • Thank you! It was your prompt that started it all. Just glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean abut the horses and mountains. We have some pictures at the Tetons with large herds of horses in the open fields and the Tetons in the background – amazing – inspiringly – beautiful. Thanks again.

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