Trickles and Crevices

Rock Tree

Trickles and Crevices

By David De Jong

Love lies buried at the foot of the cross,
Stained in suffering, holy blood, and mire.
Rescued from my brokenness, death and loss,
I’ll surrender my will to His desire.

Over time and distance the truth was clear;
How mercy brings its hope amongst the pains,
How hope was a seed to erasing tears,
How grace could survive and destroy the chains.

Now evening is a shroud of His peace,
Stillness and beauty with redeeming rest.
So I may stand alongside deep rooted trees,
And breathe His spirit well within my chest.

My burden is shared but not divided,
For He holds the balance I could not bear,
And broke no silence all the while chided,
Unlocking gates to the heavenward stair.

Meet me there, where we laugh, and always dream.
See how purpose led our paths, joy or pain,
Like water, through a granite mountain stream,
Trickles and crevices, all not in vain.

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