Small Things

Love in the Grass
Photo Credit: Lindsey De Jong

Small Things

By David De Jong

The wisp of hair that caresses your cheek
Strands of blonde and silver, shimmering sleek

Green color of your eyes reflecting light
Soft breaths from your lips as you sleep at night

Radiance of sun on your darkened skin
Rings on your fingers, delicate and thin

How we walk hand in hand where e’er we go
Even while we sit and watch an old show

The curve of your waste under apron strings
How your hands create such delicious things

The sound of your voice answering the phone
Knowing you’re there before I get back home

The inner-most spots in your tender heart
How you nurtured our family from the start

Soft silk of your skin to my calloused touch
Small things about you that I love so much

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