Memorial Prayer

Veteran Memorial

Memorial Prayer

By David De Jong

We come to You, this holiday,
And ask forgiveness, as we pray.
We sing; “My Country, Tis of Thee”,
Taking for granted – Liberty.

Bless our sons, and daughters, young and old;
That gave their lives, for freedom’s hold.
Grant them peace and eternal wings,
May their hearts hear, each voice that sings.

We lift our flag in activities,
As gratitude for our liberties.
May its colors, always be bright,
Flown in honor, to hearts delight.

Bless our country, Oh Lord we pray;
Keep her safe, by night and day.
Bless those that guard her in this hour;
Give them courage, strength, and power.

Bless their families, waiting at home;
Grant them hope, and may love be shown.
They’ve given much, for freedom’s sake.
Help us to comfort hearts that ache.

Lord, we fall at Your feet, from sea to sea;
With grateful, humble hearts, upon our knees.
Giving due thanks, so that all men may see,
Honoring lives given – for our liberty.

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