Beneath the Flag

Cemetery Gate

Beneath the Flag

By David De Jong
Memorial Day, May 26, 2014

We walk the path of flags this holiday,
Listening, for what their anthems will say.
We pause. We weep. We kneel. We humbly pray.
Honoring all heroes, where’re they lay.

The red, white and blue, unfurled tapestry,
So gallant, so proud, flown in majesty.
Speaks through the wind, in solemn pageantry,
Applauding triumphs, of our liberty.

The chimes of clasps, taught to the ivory poles,
Sounds notes of bells and all their saintly tolls.
Beloved names that fill the heavenly scrolls.
Our freedom lost, but for these warrior souls.

Hear whispers, from the fabric’s silken thread;
Colors of sacrifice, in hues of red,
Cries from fields and beaches, where heroes bled,
For us, our futures, their charges were led.

Unspeakable, in rev’rent grace, we stand;
Wiping our tears, with soft and calloused hands,
With love of our flag, for which it still stands,
Honoring souls given, for freedom’s land.

2 thoughts on “Beneath the Flag

  1. Hi
    I here that u are still at Bomgaars
    Sherry sent me your website.
    I did not that u folks wrote poetry
    U are good and how can I get some to hang in our home?
    David is mowing the field that cannot be used for hay

    • Barbara – so nice to hear from you.
      Ran into Sherry today at the store and we spoke briefly. Thanks for stopping by. Drop in again sometime.

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