What I Learned From Mom

Beppe and T


What I Learned From Mom

By David De Jong

To Work
Purposely (To present responsibility)
Effectively (To present dependability)
Skillfully (To present true quality)
Joyfully (To present integrity)
Thankfully (To present pure dignity)
Diligently (To present productivity)
No matter
What you are
You work
For the Lord

To Love
Openly (So it can be seen)
Generously (So it can be shared)
Respectfully (So it can be honored)
Sacrificially (So it can be valued)
Mercifully (So it can be compassionate)
Unconditionally (So it can be unquestionable)
No matter
Who you are
You Love
For the Lord

To Live
Contently (For what you have)
Gratefully (For what you don’t)
Currently (For where you are)
Tactfully (For where you are not)
Graciously (For where you have been)
Confidently (For where you are going)
No matter
Where you are
(Each breath)
(Each moment)
(Each place)
(Each thing)
Is a gift
So Live – For the Lord

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