Tall Water

Flood 2014

Tall Water

By David De Jong

Sittin’ on the ridge watchin’ the railroad float by
Only thing comin’ to mind is: Why Lord, Why?

Sky’s been fallin’ whirlin’, poundin’ with rain
River’s risin’, spreadin’ wild, coverin’ the plain

Aint no road to town, not a bridge left to pass
Watchin’ fish swim over brome, belly high grass

Coyote ‘n deer fightin’ for patch of dry earth
Strugglin’ to survive, givin’ it all she’s worth

Much like the folks involved, givin’ all they can
Fightin’ this battle, water invadin’ land

Fillin’ sand bags with prayers, makin’ their pleas
While the water rolls in, collectin’ its fees

No time to rest, near impossible to sleep
What the rivers don’t take, the tornadoes keep

May seem odd, but with nothin’ left to yer name
You feel blessed you survived and loved ones the same

Clingin’ to a mighty Rock safe on high ground
Listenin’ to the river call its thunderous sound

Much like the flood, I’ve seen my past washed away
Searchin’ fittin’ words, somethin’ proper to say

Thankin’ God for His son, His Gift from on high
Only thing comin’ to mind is: Why Lord, Why?

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