Frame of Mind

Deer Head_1

Frame of Mind

By David De Jong

Small cracks in the wall and roof
Displayed rays of dust, clinging,
Glistening in lofty drift.
Scant spotlights on the worn wood
Floor, perplexed with splits and nails,
Windows to the realms below.
Only the brave, or crazy,
Dared to tarry there alone.

Strange creatures, some enormous,
Giant, long haired beasts, holding
Dominion, guarding their young.
Some, too small to comprehend,
Quietly gained their escape,
By hiding inside your coat.
The world beneath, was their home.

A wooden beam formed a bridge,
Narrow yet strong enough to
Navigate a full brigade
Across deep, death starved chasms.
Waters; barely seen or heard,
So distant, old age would claim
You before you touched its depth.

Dark jade cliffs anchored each side
Taunting explorers’ demise.
Scaled vertically endless miles
Leaving but one path return.
Repel, grasping the coarse rope,
Bare-handed, clinging for life,
Hanging from heaven’s rafters.

Two windows, east and west
Gathered the occasional
Glimpse of blue sky, fresh air.
Broken panes of seasoned glass,
Portals to the dragon’s lair.
You could hear their steely wings
Scraping, gnarling for first place.

Tomorrow all would be changed,
The adventure rewritten.
To most, a simple wooden
Barn loft; old, creaky, dusty,
Times filled to the very peak,
Pigeons fluttering about
Cows and calves, mice, cats and hay.

Kingdoms to conquer, explore,
In small boy’s frame of mind.

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