I Don’t Want to Know

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Photo Credit: Lindsey De Jong

Bit of a rant –

It tires me to no end the amount of time spent on celebrity “news”. Everywhere I turn; “So-an-So is Arrested”, “So-and-So is Getting a Divorce”, “Separated”, “In Rehab”, “See Latest Beach Photos”: the list is unending. Every media outlet feeds this news to the masses and they (we) can not get enough. I get it, its publicity, but I always ask: – Who’s the stupid one? The one that did the deed and got caught, or the masses that watch and eat it all up like it really matters?

We see the same individuals and their latest antics on a daily basis like our lives depend on it. They don’t. Their lives and livelihood depends on us, the public eye. The crazier their antics, the more we idolize and worship them.

On the flip side – these “celebrities” are human beings – give them their privacy to live their life and enjoy it. There are many that live a quiet, reserved life on purpose to avoid the craziness. We need to respect their wishes.

We all need to be careful to not let what’s important, what’s real in life, pass us by while we get all wrapped up in a charade of Hollywood’s version. We need to be mindful of what or who we focus on. Who’s image are we created in? Who’s image are we mirroring? Who’s image are we following?

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I Don’t Want To Know

By David De Jong

Who you were with last night,
Or see more of you, mostly bare.
What they found in your purse,
Or hear why you changed your hair.
What you wore to the party,
Or more rumors of sordid affair.
Who drove you to their villa,
Or if you do or don’t care.
How you flaked the interview,
Or your poor taxing au pair.
How many cars you never drive,
Or what’s beyond your fleet of stairs.

You live in a fairy tale,
Your world is not the norm.
When it all escapes you,
You blame it on the storm

You played the tune,
You acted the part.
That’s the only scene,
I want on my screen.

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Know

  1. We the people are also lining these same people’s pockets with many riches. We all enjoy a good movie but we never put thought to who we are supporting when we buy that ticket. These same people that you mention have financially supported a man that even refuses to prove he is an American citizen and now a long laundry list of questionable actions/ words.
    Lets ALL stop supporting these same people that are screaming ” green green green” environment yet live in 12,000 sq ft homes w multiple pools and 10 luxury bathrooms. See where our clean water is going??? All their gadgets their mansions have take ALOT more electricity than my simple comfortable home does. Their elaborate homes use a lot more energy at factories around the world to wear down that ozone layer they are always wanting government grants(OUR tax dollars) to save.
    Who and what are “we the people” really supporting when we buy a movie ticket???
    Dave, I fully agree with you!!!! Enough of a rant for me today.

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