Carry On


Carry On

By David De Jong

Walkin’ a trail with a broken shoe,
Tryin’ to keep pace, missin’ the view.
Steps seem awkward, clumsy at best.
My brain’s wonderin’; “Is this a test?”

Prayin’ for space to rest, sit a spell,
Draw some fresh water, up from the well.
Lower the bucket, draw it back up,
Take it in, savor it, fill my cup.

Living water, promised at the well,
Drawn from the pages, within me dwell.
Restore my spirit, give it new birth,
Repair an achin’ soul, shape its worth.

Assured Your presence, I’ll carry on,
Strength in each step, all brokenness gone.
Awakened new, in loving embrace,
Joyful, thankful for redeeming grace.

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