I’m Afraid

Black Cat

I’m Afraid
(Mostly Fictional)

By David De Jong

I’m afraid of telling you just what I fear;
Just disregard whom/whatever you may hear.

I’m afraid of writing, the baring my soul;
Opening scars, re-piercing each arrow’s hole.

I’m afraid I’ve forgotten, too many things;
Lost in a cobweb, of impervious strings.

I’m afraid the answers, to questions unasked;
The stories, the riddles, all the clowns unmasked.

I’m afraid of loneliness, its aching heart;
Stranded in the desert, on a one wheeled cart.

I’m afraid of the noise, that roars through my brain;
Conductorless thoughts, driving a de-railed train.

I’m afraid of the water, taking me down;
Swiftly sinking, slipping deeper, till I drown.

I’m afraid of the dark, and its piercing eyes;
Its demons lurking, all their gimmicky lies.

I’m afraid of the bullet, missing the heart;
While the lion charges, and tears me apart.

I’m afraid of the others, and what they say;
Why they look and sneer, in that familiar way.

I’m afraid I’ve said too much, and lost my edge;
You see me for what I am, behind this hedge.

I’m afraid of my past, and the deeds I‘ve done;
But know my sins are covered, by God’s own Son.

I’m afraid I’ve frightened you, with all these fears;
The thing that frightens me most, is you in tears.

2 thoughts on “I’m Afraid

  1. It is good to see the words “mostly fictional” above this poem. I read little nowadays but was intrigued by the title. To say this is a departure for you (except for the ending) is putting it mildly. Well expressed.

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