Eensy, Teensy and Wee


Eensy, Teensy and Wee

By David De Jong

Eensy, Teensy and Wee
Lived on the fallen tree.
They told me all their tales,
Of using leaves for sails,
Guiding their ships to sea.

Their journey took so long,
They passed the time in song,
Singing to Mr. Bee;
Who brought them drops of honey,
To brew peach pollen tea.

Now their homes; are quite quaint,
And will never need paint.
Silken moss for a bed,
With a roof overhead,
Three mushrooms on the tree.

Their hideout may seem funny,
But rainy or come sunny;
They chose a very good spot.
Dry from the rain, shade from the hot,
Perfect for fairy peach pollen tea;
With Mr. Bee, Eensy, Teensy and Wee.

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