Old Recipe

Cross Summer 2014

Old Recipe

By David De Jong

Followin’ a recipe kneadin’ the dough;
Readin’ each step to make it just so,
Measurin’ and mixin’, trustin’ each line,
Long as I follow, it’ll all be fine.

Much like another book, tattered and torn,
Its cover near gone, its letters all worn.
Givin’ life meanin’, a purpose and worth,
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

We tend to ignore it, laugh at its truth,
Relinquish promises made in our youth.
We live by Pinterest, Facebook, every day,
Givin’ more heed to what Oprah would say.

These words written in black and some in red,
Be the most important words ever read.
Scandals, battles, what a man ought-a do,
God’s proven lessons and promises too.

Times of destruction, capture and despair,
Times when the people, thought God didn’t care.
One thing becomes clear, as you turn each page;
God’s judgment was patient throughout the age.

We’ve abolished truth, given up on right;
We mutter excuses, refuse to fight.
For our greed’s benefit we’ll take a stand,
We’ll slaughter the young, we’ll destroy the land.

We marry our partner, cheat on our spouse.
We wonder why, there’s no love in our house.
Lives are taken, shaken with no regret,
And that’s not even the scariest yet.

These ways, these sins that we’ve all done so well,
Are leadin’ our church on a path to hell.
We condemn our neighbors with saintly calls,
Ignorin’ the wrongs inside our glass walls.

The church is the salt, the yeast, to the Light,
In this life’s recipe of wrong from right.
Regardless what we believe, where we stand;
Read His book and you’ll see, God has a plan.

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