Life: Won on One

Baby Barn Swallows 2014

Family of Barn Swallows on our Summer porch

Life: Won on One

By David De Jong

Each breath a ribbon connecting the fray,
Life is a precious gift, you unwrap each day.
Taken nonchalant, so easily fake,
Never take for granted, the time you break.

Each kiss from your love that blossoms your heart.
Each touch, from a child that begs you to start.
The scent of the mountains, its pine perfume.
The laughter, the smiles that fill up a room.

Sounds of the meadow; the cricket and finch.
Love from Grandmother; given with a pinch.
Smell of the dog; shedding a summer’s swim.
Catching a rainbow; on a fly and whim.

Tiny sheets of memories soon forgot,
Hurrying through life, maintaining our spot.
Yet each sheet a page of our stories told,
Which will we release and which will we hold.

There will be a time when sorrow will flow,
When you desperately wonder; where did it go?
You ache for that love, you know, once was there.
Cry out in anguish to an empty chair.

Sifting the air; longing familiar clues,
Turning your pages of faded life’s hues.
Folding the corners to bookmark your place,
Stop and remember; it all comes – from grace.

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