Thank God for Our Veterans

God Bless America Chime

Thank God for Our Veterans

By David De Jong

Thank God for our Veterans,
Present young and old.
All their hidden stories,
Too burdened to be told.

Years embarked in service,
Forgotten by their land.
Suffering for our benefit,
Ensuring freedom’s stand.

Uncharted desolate worlds,
Deserts of blistered hell.
Zero-hour missions,
Remembered, never to tell.

Thank God for our Veterans,
Their service, given with pride.
Longed for by their loves ones,
We continue, life in stride.

Freedom taken for granted,
While distant battles burn.
Oblivious, ignorant;
To our heroes’ due return.

First in line to sacrifice,
Taking it to the mats.
Last receiving care that’s due,
Lost by stupid bureaucrats.

They humbly fight for us;
We need to fight for them.
To ignore their plight in life,
We commit a grievous sin.

Please join in giving honor,
Gratitude, and outstretched hand.
Thanking God and our Veterans,
For the freedoms in our land.

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