Scattered Dreams

Flower Log

Scattered Dreams

By David De Jong

Recurrin’ dreams that make no sense;
Endless trail with an endless fence,
Drivin’ for hours, just to walk away,
Searchin’ for somethin’, can’t really say.

Snow in the mornin’, sand at high noon.
Silhouettes fallin’ to a shadowed moon.
Scenes from my future, comin’ to view,
Most are forgotten, until Déjà vu!

Some critters will talk, most will listen.
My head’s in a spin, my brain’s gone missin’.
Wake up more tired than when I went to sleep,
Chasin’ coyotes, instead of countin’ sheep.

Roundin’ up cattle that got in the house.
Racin’ the cat, on a saddled mouse.
Takin’ a flight on a wing and prayer.
Showin’ up at school, in my underwear!

I fear my marbles have gone for a walk,
I hear them rattle, but refuse to talk.
Maybe tonight it’ll all make some sense,
Should I bring a gate, to put in that fence?

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