What We Deserve

Caged Eagles

What We Deserve

By David De Jong

We’ve lost our freedom,
If we are intimidated from foreign soil.
We’ve failed at authority,
If we cannot uphold our laws,
We’ve given up liberty,
If we fear to walk our streets.
We’ve sacrificed life,
If we allow death to come before a birth.

There is blood on our land, on foreign beaches and seas.
So many graves consume our warriors of peace and liberty.
We scorn them, when we cower in silent contempt.
We neglect them, if we ignore what we could circumvent.

Our ways have changed so fast we’re lost in the spin.
We’ve learned to spin our ways to our selfish whims.
Our moral compass has been shredded and thrown away,
In exchange for what we believe, to be a better, fuller life.

While our children are massacred in the womb and in their schools.
While our marriages are laughed at, broken and spoiled.
While love is spoken in our words but forgotten in its truths.
While everyone asks – what will this world come to?

Unless this world will come to a baby;
A baby in a manger,
A lowly manger in a barnyard,
With all the smells and sounds of life.
This baby that was not wanted,
That came at an inopportune time.
This baby, is the only hope for our world;
Not just our family
Not just our country
But the entire past,
Present and future.

Unless our world comes to this baby,
Celebrated at this Christmas time,
Hell will take over
And give us
What we deserve.

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