Table of Character

Christmas Table 1_edited-1


Table of Character

By David De Jong

Pine board table crafted with gifted hands
Sanded, finished finer than purchased brands
Square edges and joints so true to the eye
No imperfections, no carpenter’s lie

Center of attention, daily display
Taken for granted, worked in dismay
Spilled milk in the crevices, dried in white
Scribbles on the surface, a ghostly write

Scars from utensils and pencils and knives
All the commotions, of the families’ lives
Worn down edges from reaching, loving arms
Small divots and markings, sentiment charms

Rings from the coffee cups overflowed
Crossed with a burn from a broken glow
Old knots of wisdom and their piercing eyes
Hold count to the cheers and the mournful cries

Polished shuffle from leather bound words
Grace with faith’s adventure were always heard
Stories of history, family, and true love
Realisms of life, from blessings above

Now this old table, so battered and worn
Holds endless stories, yet draws hurtful scorn
For new eyes that touch it know not its past
It joined love together and made it last

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