Old Friend

Footprints in Snow

Old Friend

By David De Jong

I miss seeing you
Waiting on the step
Dancing with glee
Shouting with joy
Coming to life
With sight, of me

I miss our walks
Sentimental talks
Across a Sunday town,
Through a picnic park
Wetting feet at the beach
Just you, with me

I miss your warmth
Lying at my side
Sighing with content
Patience your strength
Glowing, gentle joy
Waiting, for me

I miss the mystery
The thoughts behind your eyes
Reasons you cried
Intuitions of
Friends and enemies
What you saw, in me

Rusty Step Pose

4 thoughts on “Old Friend

  1. I felt that way about the last ‘lassie’ I had… couldn’t replace her.
    We attach ourselves to those warm souls that love us unconditionally.

    I’ve a few pieces in the PR Sound of Love – one from a young grandchild’s perspective. 🙂
    ‘Sweet Dreamer Speaks’.

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