Take Me Back

Memorial Day

Take Me Back

By David De Jong

Take me back to Arlington
So I can thank them one by one
Row after row of sacrifice
Granite reflecting the sun

Take me back to the Arizona
Where she sleeps in slow decay
Seeping memories of valor
Till the last has passed away

Take me back to Omaha
Where the beach sands never end
Filtering foreign bravery
Bleeding selfless, heroic men

Take me back to Viet Nam
Bagdad, Kabul, and Kuwait
Okinawa, Midway Islands
Open seas, and narrow strait

Take me back to Lexington
Concord and Valley Forge
Where muskets and minutemen
Made freedom’s call begin

Take me back to the monuments
The halls, the walls, and the panes
May they rest in peace with honor
As we humbly read their names

Take me back to remember
So I’ll never let it rest
Their sacrifice for freedom
Deserves my ultimate best

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