Kitten Ranch

Kitten Ranch

Kitten Ranch

By David De Jong

Kittens, kittens, more kittens galore
We’ve got enough to open a store
Yellow and gray, calico to boot
That ol’ stray Tom had quite a hoot

Skinny or fat, lanky and fit
We got a genuine starter kit
We’ve priced em all quite easily
No hagglin’ here, they all come free

They’re fuzzy and fluffy, so soft and tame
Waitin’ for someone to give em a name
They puff at the dog, sphit in his face
He’s just lookin’ for someone that plays

There’s no limit, on the contrary
Please take as many that you can carry
Just bring a box, a leash or a crate
However many you take it’d be great

Hurry to text, e-mail or call
I’d just as soon, get rid of em all
It ain’t that I don’t like their glowin’ eyes
We just don’t need a herd quite this size

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